South African state run firm PetroSA denied reports in the Mail & Guardian (M&G) that it was losing international buyers of its diesel due to its poor quality. The M&G report said that Shell South Africa was one of those firms that would cease buying diesel manufactured at PetroSA’s Mossel Bay refinery.

In a statement the state-run firm said the news report, which cited highly placed individuals within PetroSA and CEF as its sources, alleged that the diesel that PetroSA produces from crude is off-specification and of such poor quality that Shell and the other major oil companies have decided to cut ties with PetroSA as customers for this product.

The company strongly rejected the allegations and reiterated its position, as stated in the company’s response to the M&G, that it continues to enjoy good business relationships with its customers, and with Shell SA in particular.

Source: Petroleum Africa