Petroleum products marketers and depot owners have said that despite the directive by Acting President Yemi Osinbajo to the Ministry of Finance to pay the marketers their outstanding subsidy claims, which they estimated at about $2 billion, none of them was paid as at close of work on Friday, THISDAY reports.

Osinbajo had summoned a meeting on May 22 at which the Acting President was said to have directed the Finance Ministry to pay the marketers all verified claims so that they could resume importation of petrol. However, a presidential source last night said there was no formal order in the real sense of it. The source who did not want to be named said the marketers would be paid in no distant time, explaining that the current delay is as a result of shortage of funds.

The Executive Secretary of DAPPMA, Mr. Femi Adewole, also confirmed that Osinbajo had given approval for the marketers to be paid all verified claims. He, however, raised the alarm that despite the directive by the Acting President, the marketers had not yet been paid. He pointed out that the delays in the payment of the marketers’ claims could precipitate crisis in the downstream sector.