Petrol, diesel and kerosene prices in Kenya all drop in latest review

Kenyans will spend less on fuel for the next month as the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) has revised the prices downwards in its March review.

In a statement on Saturday, the EPRA said the prices of super petrol, diesel and kerosene had decreased by Sh2, Sh2.80 and Sh7.23 per litre respectively.

In Nairobi, super petrol will retail at a maximum of Sh110.87 per litre down from Sh112.87 in February.

Diesel will cost Sh101.65 per litre while household that use kerosene will buy it at Sh95.46 per litre, down from last month’s Sh102.69.

In Mombasa, super petrol will retail at Sh106.41 per litre, diesel at Sh101 and kerosene at Sh92.99.


In Nyeri, a litre of petrol will cost Sh122.33, diesel Sh 103.09 and kerosene Sh 96.91.

The commodities will cost Sh113.88, Sh 104.66 and Sh 98.47 respectively in Isiolo.

Consumers in Garissa County will pay the most, with petrol costing Sh117.80, diesel Sh108.58 and kerosene Sh102.39 a litre.

Notably, the variations in different parts of the country are due to the costs of transporting petroleum products.

A drop in wholesale and retail prices followed depressed global oil prices as a result of the coronavirus pandemic which has lowered the demand for oil.

The price of crude oil has continued to drop as governments across the world lock down or limit economic and social activities in efforts to contain the spread.


Source: The Nation



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