PPPRA-LogoThe Petroleum Dealers’ Association of Nigeria (PEDAN) has expressed its readiness to implement the collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) for Petrol Station Workers (PSW) branch of NUPENG but with some reservations.

The Secretary – General of PEDAN, Mr. I. Eze, in a letter to the Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG), said it has signed the implementation of the agreement, but however noted that the non-full payment of allotted rebate by the Petroleum Product Pricing and Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) to the dealers.

The association appealed to NUPENG to call a meeting of concerned parties to dialogue on the way forward to avert severe consequences of the sector’s industrial dispute or crisis, adding that dealers usually bear the brunt; being the last contact to the consuming public and its possible adverse effect on the economy of the nation.

“PEDAN is the Petrol Station Operators that retail or resell the fuel products to the consuming public, by their oil marketing companies, irrespective of several demands from them which resulted in mass termination of dealers by some marketers who victimise and intimidate them by demanding deposit of huge amount of money.

“PEDAN members are being intimidated by demand for deposit ranging from between ten and thirty million naira depending on the capacity of the station or face termination they coin retirement for those who dared to demand the full payment of approved rebate, yet they declare fat profits every year”, the association said.

It also complained about their un-mate demand for allotment for adequate rebate by PPPRA to enable its members meet with the requirements of the collective Bargaining
According to the group, agreement poses a serious problem hence it groaned at the squeezed-out fund to pay adding that some are even above the stated figures in passionate consideration of the present day economic realities.

The Association promises, however, to comply with the collective Bargaining Agreement with the PSW branch of NUPENG, if its constraints are holistically addressed by the concerned parties.

It added that as all entreaties to the oil companies to pay the allotment by PPPRA in full to the dealers and PPPRA to consider its request for 25 per cent of total rebate accruable to the four beneficiaries to petroleum Dealers/ Resellers and overheads, is now virtually borne by the dealers.


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