On the Big Island, certain localities of Antananarivo have been deprived of electricity since August 27, 2020. The cause is a failure of three production units at the Andekaleka plant which deprives the network of 40 MW. The Jirama teams are hard at work to resolve the situation.

In Madagascar, a large part of the capital Antananarivo has been plunged into darkness since yesterday due to a technical failure in the Andekaleka plant. According to L ‘ Express de Madagascar , three of the plant’s four production units are out of service , causing a deficit of 40 MW, or about 1/5 of the capital’s demand.

“  Following the failure of the groups in the Andekaleka power plant, some localities in Antananarivo will experience power cuts. The technical team of Jirama is mobilized for the restoration of the electricity supply ”, affirmed in a press release the national electric company.

In the meantime, many users are complaining about the inconvenience caused by this unscheduled load shedding. “This cut represents a great loss for us. All our dairy products are no longer edible , ” says a grocer.

Last June the explosion of a transformer at the Andekaleka power plant had already resulted in a total cut-off of the Antananarivo interconnected network, arousing the anger of users.


Source: Agence Ecofin