The Secretary-General of OPEC, Mohammad Barkindo, on Thursday at the Oil & Money conference in London criticized a report calling for radical action to fight climate change, as he argued that the idea that renewable energy was the world’s only future was misguided and that a “bombardment” of green advocacy could be harmful.

A UN panel this week called for unprecedented changes in how the world consumes energy and a dramatic rise in the use of renewable power to contain global warming and protect the planet from heatwaves, floods and rising sea levels.

The past 18 years have been the warmest on record since the 1850s when measurements began, according to UN scientists who attribute the temperature rises and extreme weather mainly to greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide from fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas.

“It is not about choosing one energy source against another, as it is being suggested by some of our colleagues in the scientific community. In some quarters we hear stories that suggest renewables are our only energy future. This, with all due respect to our friends, is clearly misguided,” he said.

Source: Oriental News