oil-theft-360x218Chief of Naval Staff (NCS) Vice Admiral Dele Ezeoba says there has been a drastic reduction in the activities of crude oil thieves and sea robbers within the nation’s waterways.

The CNS who is on a tour of naval facilities in the Lagos area stated that the reduction is as a result of an increased in the presence of the navy at sea daily, noting that by the time one of the helicopters in the inventory of the Nigerian Navy which is undergoing local refit is fully repaired and put into use, it would further help to beef up aerial patrol of the waters. According to him, the presence of the Navy is felt more at sea now with the recent acquisition of more offshore patrol vessels.

“At every given time, we have one of our ships patrolling our waters. This Aguster helicopter has been grounded for six years now. When I came on-board as the CNS I contracted the services Precision Aviation company of South Africa to help carry out a total overhaul of the aircraft. As you can see, they are here with their equipment to work on it along with our officers. At the end we will have an entire new helicopter as well as gaining in technological transfer. It is cheaper than buying a new one. Also, the one bought by NIMASA which is due for its 800 hours check will soon be worked on,” he added.


[Daily Trust]