Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) expressed its deep concern about the continued forced-closures of oil facilities, negatively impacting surface facilities, transport pipelines, and crude oil tanks, which led to the collapse of one of the tanks at Al-Sharara field.

In addition to the almost daily leaks of transport pipes and their negative effects on the surrounding environment, NOC specialists predict that dangerous consequences for the millions of barrels stored as they are vulnerable to explosions and mass destruction in the event that the fields and ports turn into military operation areas instead of oil areas.

NOC expressed its frustration due to the militarization of the oil facilities but confirms it continues to fulfill its responsibilities as specialized teams conduct many technical consultations, public safety inspections, and implements process safety and precautionary measures in anticipation of any emergency, in coordination with partners.

Experts from NOC and its partners concluded the need to empty all crude oil stocks, and also to provide storage capacities to store condensate associated with the produced gas and so that the gas production does not stop after a few days. This gas is used to generate electricity to all regions of the country.

The National Oil Corporation also implored all those responsible for the closures of its facilities to neutralize the oil sector from any bargaining, and impressed the need to end the ongoing oil facilities closure immediately and allow the resumption of oil exports to ensure the achievement of the minimum revenues that will guarantee the Libyans the continuation of salaries and services and maintain the country’s foreign exchange reserves.

NOC stated, “More tenacity and insistence on dealing with these vital capabilities of the country as war spoils, and a way to blackmail the “NOC” and prevent it from doing its work for the benefit of all Libyans, makes these oil facilities a hotbed of turmoil and war that will only bring destruction to these vital facilities, which means the destruction of the only source that feeds the Libyan people may God forbid.”

In this regard, Eng. Mustafa Sanalla has confirmed that all events are properly documented and reports have been submitted to local and international parties, and all those who tampered with the wealth of the Libyan people will be held accountable, “Whoever it is” as the law does not protect the fools, but at this stage we implore The wise men to allow the National Oil Corporation to commence its activities immediately and start emptying all the tanks and lines of crude oil, in order to protect the Libyan people’s oil assets from destruction and the surrounding areas from environmental and health disasters that may occur in the event of any armed confrontations may God forbid.”


Source: Petroleum Africa