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A Major New International Energy Investment Forum for West Africa

On December 1-2, 2015, the Oil & Gas Council brings its acclaimed international series of Assemblies to Lagos for the inaugural West Africa Energy Assembly.

Why West Africa?

The Oil & Gas Council was born in Africa, founded jointly in Cape Town and London. And we are excited to host a major international forum for the West African O&G and wider energy and infrastructure industries. Why?

  • Some of the biggest hydrocarbon finds in recent years have been in West Africa.
  • From the Supermajors to the Minnows and every size in between, there are opportunities to invest, explore, develop, and make money.
  • Something for everyone: Proven fields, marginal fields, deepwater, ultra deepwater, ‘elephant hunting’, in countries each with different regulatory regimes and business environments.
  • Opportunities abound in Gas to Power, infrastructure development, pipelines and transportation, and refining.
  • An Active Market – A thriving deal market with a highly diverse spectrum of O&G companies and investors means there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in the market.

Not just Oil & Gas! Power, Pipelines, LNG, Infrastructure, Engineering, and Construction

We will be assembling experts from around the world and locally to identify and discuss business opportunities in upstream E&P, in the Gas to Power value chain, in infrastructure, engineering and construction projects, in midstream and transport and downstream projects across Nigeria, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Cameroon, Mauritania, Benin, Gabon, Congo, Guinea, and every other country in West Africa.

Of particular interest:

  • Upstream opportunities to farm-in/farm-out, and new bid rounds, and latest developments in E&P.
  • Gas to Power – identifying business opportunities and assessing the infrastructure gap needed to power West Africa.
  • Finance and Capital Investment – where is the money coming from? Who’s finding success raising money, who’s got dry powder and what are they looking for?
  • M&A, A&D and dealflow – assessing market trends.
  • Services and Local Content – the opportunity for both foreign investment and local businesses to service the O&G sector.
  • Regulatory and Fiscal environments – what are the ‘above ground’ risks and considerations you need to know.

Our Value Proposition to you

We offer you the chance to meet dozens of CEOs and top executives from around the region in one single place – whether you are looking for farm in partners, farm out partners, capital investment, financing, advisory work, business partners, or simply to learn about the opportunities in the sector and expand your business network, the West Africa Energy Assembly is designed to deliver it all.

Contact [email protected]  for information on sponsoring and speaking at the Assembly.

“The Oil & Gas Council’s Africa Assembly is clearly the key annual event for the African Oil and Gas Industry. Overall I found the event very interesting and very informative; it was very good to hear from industry players about full details of the progress of projects on the ground, as well as their views on risks and reward and market direction.”
Ravi Bhatia, Director and Regional Expert on African Sovereigns, Standard & Poor’s Sovereign Ratings Group.

“Without any doubt the networking event of the year for O&G Africa!”
Cees Uijlenhoed, CFO, First E&P

Trust us… we’re experts…

Our Africa Assembly in Paris draws 800 people from nearly 60 countries – including some 100 CEOs. We have a track record of excellence in bringing together the right people from around the world by leveraging the relationships we have built across our offices from London, Houston, Singapore, New York, Dubai, Calgary, and Cape Town.