NDDCThe nomination of the chairman of the Abia State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission, (ASOPADEC) Mr. Samuel Nwogu, into the board of Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) will ensure the impact of the Commission is felt by the people of the state.

Speaking to reporters in Lagos, Chief Executive Officer, Platinum Logistics limited, Mr. ThankGod Ntaku said the nomination reflected the wish of the majority of the people of the oil producing communities in the state by nominating a true son of the soil to represent the state on the board of the Commission.

He was optimistic that this appointment was capable of restoring the confidence of the people of the area in government.

He called on the governments at all levels to make wide consultations before people are appointed into sensitive positions in government adding that decisions, policies and programmes of government had more to do with achieving peace than deploying of law enforcement agents.

Ntaku appealed to government intervention agencies like the NDDC to embark on programmes and projects that would develop the human capital in their areas in order not to sabotage the good intention of the government that set up the Commission.

He frowned at a situation where the majority of the people of the area do not have access to potable water more than two decades that the Federal Government established the Oil Mineral Producing Areas Development Commission, OMPADEC that has since been rechristened the NDDC.


[The Nation]