NRG Drilling recognizes the need for local content development and is fully committed to the Local content Act of the Nigerian Government.

The company has developed long term plan for training indigenous personnel who will render efficient and quality services to the industry for national growth.

NRG plans to increase our rig fleet in line with successful award of new contracts which will afford us the capacity to employ over 10,000 youths in the Niger Delta.

NRG DRILLING NIGERIA LIMITED (‘NRG’) is an African focused Nigerian drilling company established to become an industry leader in drilling services in Nigeria and Africa.

NRG Drilling has a foundation built on significant hands-on experience of its principals derived from many years of operations. NRG was established as a direct response to the emerging opportunities in the dynamic African Oil & Gas industry due to the Government Local content Act.

NRG provides contract drilling services to indigenous, independent and major oil & gas companies. In addition to our drilling rigs, we provide highly trained and experienced drilling crews and the ancillary equipment needed to operate in the African market.

We have initially focused our operations in West Africa (Nigeria) with growth opportunities in Iraq, East Africa, North Africa and Columbia.

Our initial fleet consists of a 1500HP SCR land Rig and a 550HP Mechanical service rig.We continues to evaluate additional rigs to add to our fleet to meet with our client’s demands.

Nigeria rigs have the latest drilling technologies and they undergo strict maintenance schedules on a regular basis, to tackle increasingly challenging projects in many different and difficult operations.

Our goal is to successfully provide premium drilling and related services using fast moving, modern technological rigs.

NRG Drilling is also committed to maintaining stringent Security, Health, Safety and Environment (SHSE) policy.

The firm stated that under daywork drilling contracts, we provide a drilling rig with required personnel to our customer who supervises the drilling of the well.

It maintained that, “We are paid based on a negotiated fixed rate per day while the rig is used. Daywork drilling contracts specify the equipment to be used, the size of the hole and the depth of the well.

The firm stated that in addition to periodic maintenance, producing oil and gas wells occasionally require major repairs or modifications called workovers, which are typically more complex and more time consuming than maintenance operations.

It stated, “Our workover rigs are also used to convert former producing wells to injection wells through which water or carbon dioxide is then pumped into the formation for enhanced oil recovery operations. Workovers also include major subsurface repairs such as repair or replacement of well casing, recovery or replacement of tubing and removal of foreign objects from the well bore.

The firm stated that these extensive workover operations are normally performed by a workover rig with additional specialized auxiliary equipment, which may include rotary drilling equipment, mud pumps, mud tanks and fishing tools, depending upon the particular type of workover operation.


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