NOC updates ongoing acute fuel shortage in Libya

In a March 3 statement, NOC said it is concerned about a potential fuel shortage in the coming days after the forced reduction of local production, the Zawiya refinery shut down and the lack of funding to import sufficient fuel to meet the needs of Libyans.

Oil and gas production in Libya have been consistently down as a result of the illegal blockade of oil facilities. The current levels of production are 123,240 bpd, as of Monday March 2, 2020. Forced restriction of production has resulted in financial losses exceeding $2,590,946,109 since January 17, 2020.

NOC continues to supply hydrocarbons to the Eastern and Central regions in sufficient quantities to meet the transport and domestic needs of citizens. On March 2, a gasoline tanker finished discharging at Benghazi port, while a diesel tanker is expected to arrive in the coming days.

Tripoli storage depots and some of the surrounding areas and Southern regions are suffering from a lack of supplies due to the deteriorating security conditions. The city of Tripoli is supplied with hydrocarbons directly from the Tripoli port.

As part of its commitment to transparency, the NOC will continue to publish data on fuel stocks in Libya as well as details of shipments, to inform citizens of fuel availability in their area.


Source: Petroleum Africa



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