electric-power-lines httpwww_treehugger_comNiger Delta Power Holding Company (NDPHC) has assured potential bidders that its 10 power generation plant built under the National Integrated Power Project will be fit for purpose before it is handed over.

NDPHC managing director, Mr James Olotu, made this known while addressing newsmen yesterday in Abuja during the bidders’ conference even as he assured potential buyers that the power plants would be completed before they are handed over to new owners come June 2014.

Stressing that the plant will be fit for purpose before they are handed over, he noted that the electricity situation in the country would improve greatly when the plants come on stream as Nigerians were already feeling the improved power supply. He said as units are completed, they are put into the system.

Explaining that the reason for privatisation is because only the private sector can effectively handle the sector, he cited the case of the telecommunication as an example. He noted that the masses are able to access different networks without creating a hole in their pocket.

He said, “Power supply is inevitable and is best handled by the private sector. That is the reason we are privatising the sector.”

The issues of gas not available sometimes, transmission not available sometimes is because government is the same person running the gas and same person running the transmission. But if it is the private sector and the rules of the game are adhered to, those gases that are scarce now will be available and the operation will be available.


Information from Leadership was used in this report.