Nipco Plc has begun rebranding of its retail outlets nationwide for optimum service delivery, Its Managing Director, Venkatapathy Venkataraman has said.

The stations, he said, in a statement, were being remodelled in line with the international best practices in the oil and gas industry.

Venkataraman said the exercise aimed at providing some value additions to motorists, aside from the conventional product dispense. adding that the development will increase the company’s share of the retail market currently put at about 10 per cent, as well as meeting the needs of its stakeholders.

The exercise, which, he said, will be extended to the over 150 retail outlets of the company will make customers who patronise the stations enjoy fuel and non fuel related services.

He said a unit has been put in place and charged with the remodelling with the ultimate task that clients get value for their fuel purchase and other services rendered at the stations through routine checks.

On the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Skids, Venkataraman said the company had deployed some across the country to bring gas close to the populace.

He said the Skids have electronic filling machines and further helps to deliver accurate quantity of gas to buyers.

He said Nipco has stock of all LPG accessories such as cylinders, ,burners ,regulators ,hose among others, as part of efforts to promote gas usage.

According to him, the massive stocking of smaller size of cylinders with burners targeted at the low income group is one of the novels achievements of the organisation.


[The Nation]