At the National Assembly, the deputies called on the Minister of Petroleum, Foumakoye Gado, on fuel prices in Niger. People’s elected officials believe that hydrocarbon prices are still quite high compared to other producing countries in the sub-region, such as Nigeria.

It should be remembered that in Niger, the liter of gasoline is sold at the pump at the price of 540 FCFA. According to parliamentarians, the fuel should cost less than half of the current price, that is to say about 200 FCFA, especially considering the quality of producing country of Niger.

But for the government member, this price comparison is not justified, given the huge difference in daily production between the two countries: 200,000 barrels / day for Niger against 2 million for Nigeria.

Niger has become, only a few years ago, producer of black gold and plans to increase its production by 5 in the coming years. The country is also planning to export its crude oil internationally via Benin, through the pipeline currently under construction.


Source: Agence Ecofin