Young Nigerien entrepreneur Abdou Maman-Kané has recently developed an automatic irrigation system powered by renewable energy (RE) and operating remotely. The system developed by his company Tech-Innov will enable producers in this West African country to improve water management on their plantations.

“Tele-irrigation” system is the name Abdou Maman-Kané has given to his invention. The device was recently developed by the young Nigerien entrepreneur in his start-up Tech-Innov. It is automatic and works remotely. The “tele-irrigation” device will enable farmers to improve water management in plantations, “by using technology”. Farmers will also be able to access all the necessary information on weather and hydrology.

In Niger, agricultural stakeholders are facing severe water shortages during the dry season. According to the entrepreneur, this situation is exacerbated by the instability of the climate. “Between periods of severe drought and heavy rains, water management can quickly become a headache,” says Abdou Maman-Kané. The initiative of the Nigerien startup company is therefore very appealing. More than 200 farmers in Niger have started to use “tele-irrigation” in their plantations.

Abdou Maman-Kané’s remote irrigation system is powered by a set of wind turbines and photovoltaic solar panels. The installations are connected to several sensors, which are in turn connected to a network of pipes installed in the fields.

To operate the device, the farmer simply activates a code in an application installed on his smartphone.


Source: Afrik21