Power supply has worsened in Nigeria as the nation has recorded another system collapse, Vanguard reports. The system collapse recorded on May 8, 2017 culminated in a significant drop in generation, transmission and distribution of electricity to many parts of the nation.

The Presidency disclosed in its report, yesterday: “System collapse on May 8, 2017 at 1429hrs. System frequency suddenly and sharply dropped from 51.06Hz to 43.37Hz, leading to system collapse. ‘Prior to collapse, Benin/Egbin 330kV line (cct B6N) was out on fault due to cut sky wire between towers #460 & 461.”

“On May 9, 2017, average power sent out was 3425Wh/hour (up by 468MWh/h). The reported gas constraint was 1915MW. The reported line constraint was 150MW. The reported high frequency constraint was 59MW. The water management constraint was 260MW. The power sector lost an estimated N1, 144,000,000 on May 09 2017 due to constraints.’’