Power generation by the electricity generation companies (Gencos) on Tuesday marginally increased from 2,672 megwatt (Mw) to 2,886.1Mw.

According to the “Operational Report of 05/08/2019” the Nigerian System Operator of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) posted on its website on Tuesday, the peak generation that the companies recorded on Sunday was 4,437.6Mw.

The TCN lamented the distribution companies (DisCos) rejection of “massive amount of power”.

Its General Manager, Public Affairs, Mrs. Ndidi Mbah, blamed generation hovering around 2,886.1Mw on load rejection.

Responding via a text message, she recalled that the ” lowest generation for Sunday was 2,672Mw while lowest generation on Monday was 2,681Mw. “The peak generation on Sunday was 4,437Mw while Monday peak where was a system collapse. The situation is really very very bad. The DisCos are all rejecting massive amounts of power”.

The report added that energy recorded on 4/08/2019, was 79,708.99MWH, which was 3,212.2Mw.

Responding to the question on why power generation was hovering around 2,886.1Mw, the Executive Director, Association of Power Generation Company, Barr Joy Ogaji, urged The Nation to find out from the TCN.

The TCN had in its Friday daily report noted that six generation firms, which include Alaoji NIPP;  Olorunsogu NIPP; ASCO; AES and Trans Amadi, which are all gas-fired plants produced 0Mw.

According to the TCN, Kainji Hydro  put out its units 6, 11, and 12 because of low demand by the electricity distribution companies known as DisCos.
The report also noted that while Jebba Hydro switched off its 2 G1 as a result of maintenance, it also put off its 2G2 &4 because of “low demand by the DisCos.”

Shiroro hydro, said the report, put out 411G1 owing to “low demand by DisCos.”

It noted that Delta (Gas) GT15 & 16 shutdown because of low demand by DisCos. Geregu also shut down GT 11 due to low demand by DisCos.

Trans Amadi’s G1, said the report, is out on maintenance,  while its G#2, 3 and 4 were out due to gas constraints.

The report also said that Rivers GT1 reduced generation due to low demand by DisCos.

Other constraints that the report indicated were low gas pressure, generation problems, awaiting overhaul and limited generation due to gas.


Source: The Nation