Domestic gas supply to power generating plants recorded a plunge of 186 million standard cubic feet per day in August. Latest data from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation showed that the supply of gas to thermal power plants dropped from a high of 854mmscfd in March 2018 to as low as 668mmscfd in August.

This also led to a reduction in the quantum of energy generated by the power plants. An analysis of data obtained from the national oil firm in Abuja on Friday showed that the 186mmscfd decline in gas supply to the plants led to an equivalent decline of 982 megawatts of electricity that would have been generated on the country’s power grid.

Findings showed that when gas supply to power plants was 854mmscfd in March, the equivalent power generated from the power plants was 3,492MW. This, however, dropped to 2,510MW in August when gas supply to the plants dropped by 27.8 per cent, compared to March.

Source: The Punch