The Nigerian Association of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association has floated a resource centre to boost capacity in the sector.

The Director-General of the resource centre, Gbenga Falusi, said in a statement issued by NALPGAM on Tuesday that the essence of the centre was aimed at bridging the knowledge gap in the industry.

He explained that the centre would also serve as a rallying point for stakeholders and assist investors to source valuable information to help them in investment decisions.

Falusi stated that part of the plans of the centre was to conduct periodic training for those working as operators in the LPG plant.

He was quoted as saying, “The LPG sector requires training and re-training. You cannot just bring someone from the streets and engage him in the plant.

“These attitudes on the part of some investors are reasons why we record explosions that are avoidable.”

He said the establishment of the resource centre was borne out of the NALPGAM governing council ingenuity as a mark of innovation for the LPG sector.

The DG said there was the need for NALGPGAM members to have a fulcrum and an information hub to draw privileged and up to date information as it relates to the business of LPG.


Source: Punch