Drill ShipNigeria and the United Kingdom have signed an agreement to implement the 2050 Pathways Calculator in Nigeria. The 2050 Calculator is a modelling tool that allows users to look at the potential effects of different scenarios for energy supply and demand within a country over the next 40 years.

It can be used to create a wide range of model scenarios for energy supply and demand, and look at what effect each one has on different long-term goals (such as improving energy security, matching supply and demand, or reducing greenhouse gas emissions).

British High Commissioner Andrew Pocock said at the signing that the 2050 Calculator will provide valuable evidence, which the Nigerian government and members of the public alike will be able to use, to better understand how Nigeria might meet its future energy needs. “I’m very pleased that the UK and Nigeria are able to work together on such an important project.”

Now that the agreement has been signed, the Energy Commission of Nigeria will work with the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change to collect and process the data that will form the backbone of the Calculator. The Calculator should be ready in one year’s time, when it will be made fully publicly available online.

The calculator forecasts energy demand based on a series of variable factors, including population level, type of fuel used in homes, amount of heating/cooling used in buildings, type/amount of transport used, and size/nature of industrial activity.

It also calculates energy supply based on the varied contributions which different hypothetical sources might make, according to the degree at which they are implemented. 3. The 2050 calculator has already been successfully implemented in the UK, China, Korea and Belgium, among others.


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