Nigeria ranks 2nd lowest with 75 million without household electricity according to World Bank’s database, while a total of 1,030billlion people worldwide, are currently without electricity, IWIN reports.

Globally, 1 billion people lack access to power supply, according to the report. India came 1st lowest with 269 million people without electricity. While Nigeria ranked 2nd lowest on the list, with 75 million people in need of electricity, according to data gathered.

Ethiopia came 3rd lowest with 68 million, while Bangladesh was ranked 4th lowest with 63 million people. Other countries of the world shared a total of 555 million people yet to have access to power supply. In 2017, just four countries – India, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Bangladesh are home to about half of all people who lack access to electricity, WB data showed.

This also comes as United Nations Resident Humanitarian Coordinator in Nigeria, Mr. Edward Kallon has said about 65 percent of the 74,280 public primary and junior secondary schools in Nigeria lack electricity, and as a result cannot guarantee technology-based education.

He said the energy crisis in Africa has, and will continue to be a tragedy to the continent of Africa, saying out of the 1.5 billion people who lack access to electricity globally, 57 per cent, amounting to 622.6 million are in Africa.