Nigeria Power Sector Program off grid team meets with REA

Nigeria Power Sector Program (NPSP), Off Grid Team Lead MK Balaji, met with the team from Rural Electrifcation Agency (REA) for a presentation on a new geospatial tool, designed in line with REA’s Least Cost Energy Access Strategy.

The geospatial tool, when fully active, will guide the Nigerian Government,Mini Grid & SHS Developers and Investors in determining the least-cost technology mix of grid extension,Mini Grid, & SHS to facilitate an effective electrification solution for each household in Nigeria.

The tool will be hosted on the REA website, with a custom dashboard utilizing primarily data from REA with focus on population, basic amenities, on/off grid locations, substations & general geography, across the states in Nigeria.

The REA team expressed enthusiasm about the project, adding that the end product will be a great resource tool for the energy and off grid sector since access to data is vital to the deployment of mini grid.


Source: REA



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