The President, Nigeria Gas Association, Mr. Dada Thomas, who is also the Chief Executive Officer, Frontier Oil Limited, while speaking during an interview with The Punch on the inefficiencies in the gas to power sector, among other issues, has called for a return to regional electricity grids across the country.

He said; “The transmission is a major problem. In my view, we cannot continue to have a one-grid system. We need to go back to regional grids and take the excess from a region and feed it into another regional grid that doesn’t have enough. In the old days, Jos, Enugu and Lagos had regional grids. It is a huge investment and that is why it cannot be the sole role of the Nigerian government which we know hasn’t got funds to attack such problems.”

“We may have to partner the private sector to achieve this; and as the Gencos and Discos were privatised, please we are calling on the Nigerian government to privatise transmission. People have argued that it is a security issue. Why are we being paranoid about something that is an illusion? Not having electricity is a greater security risk in my view because it is depressing the ability to create economic opportunities for millions of unemployed youths. That is the greatest security risk,” he added.