The Managing Director of Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Limited, Tony Attah, has said that Nigeria’s development amongst the committee of nations lies underground in the abundance of gas reserves it has.

He spoke during the award presentation of the winners of the 2018 Nigeria Prize for Science, where he also said gas will boost industrialisation of Nigeria’s pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, Agro-based businesses through fertilizer and even liquefied petroleum gas for domestic use in homes for day to day cooking, in Lagos at the weekend.

He said: ’’The opportunity is immense as we have seen in other countries like Qatar where they have grown from GDP per capita of below $2,000 to more than $150,000, all on the wings of gas. Essentially, gas is our future, but that future is now, as tomorrow is now today. Gas is really a very big opportunity for Nigeria and Nigerians on the back of the multiple potential attraction of more investment value.’’

According to him, the company’s Train 7 project which is currently going through FEED is set to deliver final investment decision (FID) to increase capacity by 35% from the current 22mtpa to 30mtpa in the next four years. “We have to utilise Nigeria’s resources to lift the economy going forward having ridden on the back of oil for the last 50 years, we are set to fly on the wings of gas into the future,’’ he added.

Source: Independent