In plenary session, MEPs agreed on Wednesday May 27, 2020 to ratify a memorandum with Turkey in the energy and hydrocarbon sectors.

This agreement, signed on July 11, 2013 in Ankara and July 25, 2013 in Niamey, aims to promote cooperation in the field of energy and hydrocarbons, according to the expertise and development needs of both parties.

According to the Minister of Petroleum, Foumakoye Gado, the adoption of this draft memorandum will allow Niger to further diversify its partners in these sectors. ” After this ratification, we believe that our Turkish partners will be more motivated to come and invest in the fields of energy and hydrocarbons, ” he said.

In fact, through this memorandum of understanding, the two countries undertake to carry out joint activities focused on specialized training programs, the exchange of information, experience and expertise on the one hand, and on the exploration and exploitation of energy resources and hydrocarbons on the other hand.


Source: Agence Ecofin