New contractor to start work in 30 days on Kinyerezi I Extension Power Plant in Tanzania

MINISTER for Energy Medard Kalemani has assured the availability of a new contractor for Kinyerezi I Extension Power Plant Project in 30 days from Monday and that the remaining work will be accomplished in December.

He told Energy and Minerals Committee members, who visited the site to inspect the progress of the project, stressing that a procedure to have not only new, but competent contractor was in final stages.

This was after the first contractor, Jacobsen Electro ASbased in Norway, declared to have gone bankrupt early last year and unable to continue with the work.

“I have already directed all relevant authorities to ensure the new contractor is in place by midnext month. The first contractor had reached 84 per cent of the work. It is our target and expectation that the new one will accomplish the remaining work in six months,” said the minister.

He further clarified that the extension project would produce 185MW and project costs amounted to $188m (equal to 435.48bn/-).

Project Manager Abdallah Chikonyo said the accomplishment of the remaining work as planned was possible because all equipment was at the site.

He clarified that Tanesco had been forced to go for clearing and forwarding activities for all equipment still at the Dar es Salaam Port at the time Jacobsen Electro AS had declared bankruptcy.

“The remaining task is instalment of four biggest power plants, which are already here at the site. We are currently fighting to obtain a competent contractor, who will finish the work within the timeframe,” said Mr Chikonyo.

Committee Chairman Dustan Kitandula said committee members were glad to hear that everything was on track, especially the fact that the extension project would be finished this year.

“But we have been told that the main contractor had assigned other local sub-contractors who have not yet been paid. We urge the government to consider paying them on time as it is possible that they might have had secured bank loans for this work. Hence, they need to clear debts and continue with their businesses,” he urged.


Source: Daily News



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