The Association of Nigerian Electricity Distributors (ANED) has said the directive by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) to consumers not to pay estimated electricity billings only applies to Maximum Demand (MD) customers and not residential, Leadership reports.

The Chief Executive Officer of ANED, Mr Azu Obiaya said this on Sunday. Maximum Demand (MD) customers are commercial and industrial customers who consume high levels of electricity and contribute substantially to the revenues of distribution companies.

MD meters are connected on the 11Kv (High tension wire) electricity lines, mostly on dedicated transformers. The customers include heavy users of electricity like commercial business plazas, large firms and small scale industries among others.

Obiaya said, ”we recognise that our residential consumers will be interested in this notice thinking that it applies to them in their need for meters, and we recognise that everyone will like to be metered, we are working toward that. But this time, that notice by NERC is specific for maximum demand customers.”