NERC furious with DisCos’ over slow MAP process as overbilling persists

The Chairman of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), Prof. James Momoh, has registered displeasure at heads of the Distribution Companies (DisCos) for their slow and poor process of engaging Meter Assets Providers (MAPs) despite rising agitations by electricity users to be metered amid complaints of high estimated billings.

Speaking on Tuesday at a MAP conference in Lagos organised by NERC, Prof. Momoh said despite the urgent nature of closing the metering gaps and calming agitations on over-estimated power bills, some DisCos were still “taking it as something for play.”

MAP regulations became effective on April 3, 2018, from when the DisCos were to procure and engage MAP firms that obtained “No Objection” certificates from NERC in 120 days. NERC, in July, extended it by 90 days, elapsing in November, but with no visible customer metering so far.

Prof. Momoh was displeased over the absence of nine of the 11 DisCos’ managing directors at the conference which had the full NERC commissioners in attendance and the prospective MAPs. The NERC head said the MAP implementation might not be visible by January, 2019, but that government would press hard on the DisCos through MAP to close the metering gaps by 2020.

Source: Daily Trust



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