The Oshakati Town Council plans providing electricity to all its residents, but needs about N$150 million for bulk electrical supply for the whole town.

As the number of residents in the town increases rapidly, so is the number of households, putting the council under pressure to provide electricity to every household. However, the council does not have enough funds to do so.

The acting chief executive officer of Oshakati, Kornelius Kapolo, said the council faces numerous challenges such as a shortage of resources and the effect of Covid-19 to effectively deliver services to the residents on the timeous implementation of projects.

“Our town is growing on a daily basis and the more it grows, the more the residents demand for services, and as a council we have to make sure that we provide these services to our people.

“We are here because of them and we have to make sure that we meet them halfway. We have so many people living in informal settlements but they do not have electricity and they need to be provided with such but the council does not have enough funds to provide them with electricity,” he said.

Kapolo said the council also faces the challenge of overflowing oxidation ponds and needs a new treatment plant soonest in order to accommodate the planned development in town as the current ones cannot withstand more pressure.

He added that the council is experiencing a slow implementation of projects due to provisions of the new Procurement Act and the slow implementation of projects due to a lack of funds.

As part of its plans, the council wants to formalise all informal settlements in the town, upgrading of electrical sub-stations in the town to cater for future developments, construct a new sewage treatment plant and expand the town boundary.

The council also plans to upgrade to a municipality to cater for the town’s needs due to the rapid growth which will see the servicing of 3 000 low-income erven at Onawa informal settlement.


Source: Namibian