Residents of three Mukuru slums in Nairobi County have asked energy provider Kenya Power to in repair two faulty transformers, saying their businesses have been adversely affected due to lack of electricity.

The residents also say that lack of power has contributed to rising insecurity especially at night.

They say a transformer next to Mukuru Primary School in Starehe Sub-County has been faulty since last year. It serves schools and residents Mukuru Kayaba slum.

In the neighbouring Mukuru Hazina and Maasai slums, residents are living in darkness after a transformer which served them blew up, sending panic.

Transformer exploded

“The transformer exploded in May and people are living in darkness up to today. However, careless individuals were seen siphoning oil from the transformer oblivious of the grave danger they exposed themselves to,” area chairman Mohammed Soba told the Nation.

The transformer serves the sub-county offices within the area.

Traders who were interviewed by the Nation said they hope Kenya Power will act soon, saying they are counting huge losses.

“We cannot do business without electricity. Salons, butcheries, shops, mobile phone repairers, barbers and welders among others are mostly affected,” remarked Mr Kimeu Maweu, a barber in Hazina slum.

Criminals take advantage of the darkness to attack residents at night.


Source: Nation