Mozambique’s EDM working to repair sabotaged pylons

A team from Mozambique’s publicly-owned electricity company, EDM, has been working since Sunday to repair the high voltage transmission line from Ressano Garcia, on the South African border, to the Maputo suburb of Infulene.

The line was sabotaged on Sunday by so far unidentified vandals. The Ressano Garcia-Infulene line is the back-up in the event of any problem with the main power line that supplies electricity to Maputo city and province.

The saboteurs dismantled the support base for a pylon about 80 kilometres north of Maputo. The pylon then fell to the ground, and brought down a further seven pylons, according to a release from EDM.

The initial estimate by the EDM team is that the repairs could take 21 days.

Sabotage of pylons is frequent, since thieves steal the cables and the metallic parts of the pylon base and frame and then sell them on the scrap metal market, which the authorities have failed to bring under control.Rank.


Source: All Africa



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