King Mohammed VI, Morocco’s ruler, has ordered the 2030 targets for renewable energies be revised upward. Up to this point, the country had planned to produce 52% of its electricity from renewable sources. But King Mohammed VI said this was not enough and that the country must go further.

The King also ordered the implementation of an integrated program to equip all the programmed water desalination plants with renewable energy production units to make them autonomous. For this, stations will have to use the closest and most available renewable energy sources from their location. It is also planned, if necessary, that biomass plants are installed near these stations and the waste produced in major cities be used as feedstock.

MASEN, the national organization in charge of the sub-sector, has achieved all the objectives it has set for itself in 2018, notably with the installation of the entire Noor Ouarzazate solar complex, which with its 580 MW, is now the largest in the world.

Source: AE Africa