The Moroccan subsidiary of ConocoPhillips has just been granted a large exploration perimeter in the north of the country. She has two years to establish a solid database on the 2D potential of the area, which has already been the subject of several oil and gas discoveries.

In Morocco, the national office of hydrocarbons and mines (ONHYM) has just allocated exploration rights in the coastal area of ​​Mesorif in the north of the country, to Conocophillips Morocco Ventures (CMV), the local subsidiary of the company American ConocoPhillips. A document was signed by Amina Benkhadra, patron of the public oil company and former Minister of Petroleum and Melissa Anne Coleman, director of CMV.

The permit will cover a period of two years. The beneficiary will carry out geological and geophysical studies during the first year and the acquisition of 2D data during the second year.

“This signature marks a new entry of ConocoPhillips into the Sharifian kingdom since the merger of Conoco and Phillips in 2001. Each of these companies had carried out exploration work in Morocco between 1970 and 2000” , declared ONHYM on its site Internet.

The Mesorif basin is already covered by more than 7,400 km of 2D seismic lines and 175 km ² of 3D seismic lines. Several important discoveries of oil and natural gas have been made there in the past. In recent years, Morocco has been one of the African countries that has attracted the most foreign companies to explore its territory, especially the under-explored basins.


Source: Agence Ecofin