The Mitiga International Airport oil depot owned by Brega Petroleum Marketing Company was hit by a barrage of rocket and missiles, which resulted in the direct damage to four tanks which burned entirely, according to Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC).

Additionally, the attack affected other 6 tanks and caused huge damage to them as a result of the fire blazes. The depot contains 10 jet fuel tanks of 50,000 liters each in addition to the airplane supply system that were directly damaged and became out of service. As well as a vehicle supplying jet fuel to air ambulance which was directly hit.

According to NOC, “This horrific accident was quickly dealt with in a highly professional manner by the brave fire fighters from Brega Petroleum Marketing company, who managed to extinguish the fire completely and with the help of the National Safety Authority, whom we salute their efforts and courage.”

Unfortunately, the warehouse of Mitiga International Airport will be added to the lost assets of Brega Petroleum Marketing Company which have increased enormously. Hence, in this difficult time, the National Oil Corporation and Brega Petroleum Marketing company call for refraining from targeting the remaining facilities as these are the Libyan people’s sustenance and the oil sector serves all Libyans.


Source: Petroleum Africa