In Cameroon, the Memve’élé hydroelectric power station is ramping up following its connection to the Center region. Its 30 MW increase will make it possible to shut down the thermal power plants of Ebolowa, Mbalmayo, Ahala and Oyomabang. Good news for the climate and for public finances.

Between October 25, 2019 and July 7, 2020, the Memve’élé hydroelectric power station (211 MW) went from 60 to 90 MW, thanks to recent work to connect the 225 KV line from the site of the power station ( South region), at the transformer station (90/30 KV) of Mbalmayo, in the Center region.

”  The tests relating to the increase in the energy of Memve’élé took place throughout the day of July 8, 2020. These tests made it possible to increase the production supply of the Memve’élé power station of 60 to 90 MW or, an additional 30 MW in the South Interconnected Network (RIS)  ”, informs a note from the ministry in charge of Water and Energy (Minee) which Investir au Cameroun has taken note of.

The same source adds that this increase in the production of Memve’élé will allow the shutdown of the thermal power stations of Ebolowa, Mbalmayo, Ahala and Oyomabang; generating savings in the fuel bill of up to CFAF 350 million per week. But according to our information, the first three plants have already been shut down since the partial commissioning of the Memve’élé plant and are only started to meet occasional demand.

The first stone of the development project of this hydroelectric structure was laid in June 2012. With the completion of the construction works and the partial acceptance at the beginning of 2018, the government has chosen to partially exploit said power plant although the 225 KV transmission line between Ebolowa and Yaoundé has not yet been completed. For this, temporary solutions have been put in place and as work on the transmission line progresses, the energy injected by the Memve’élé power station increases in power.

The final commissioning of said dam is scheduled for December 31, 2020 with the expected end of work on the 225 KV transmission line. To date, there are around ten kilometers (between Mbalmayo and Ahala in Yaoundé) and a transport post to be built.


Source: Agence Ecofin