Mart-Resources-e1322076135983Mart Resources and its co-venturers, Midwestern Oil and Gas Company (Operator of the Umusadege field) and SunTrust Oil Company have provided an update on Umusadege field drilling operations.

The UMU-11 well is planned to spud in the third slot of the UMU-9 drilling pad. As previously announced, there were problems cleaning out the 20-inch conductor. Retrieval and milling operations were attempted to utilize this drill slot, but were unsuccessful.

The rig was skidded forward to a new slot on the drilling pad. After pounding the 20-inch conductor to approx. 400 feet an attempt was made to clean out the conductor with a drill bit, but an obstruction was encountered. It was discovered that the casing parted during the pile driving operations. The rig has now been skidded ahead again, and delivery of new 20-inch conductor pipe is expected in the next few days. Once the new conductor pipe is on site, it will be pile driven to a depth of approx. 400 to 500 feet, cleaned out, and drilling operations are expected to commence in early August.

The main objectives for the UMU-11 well are proven oil reservoirs encountered, but not completed, in the UMU-9 and UMU-10 wells. These sands were previously logged and sampled. The UMU-11 well’s objective is to test four of these oil-bearing sands, and if successful, complete these sands for production.


Information from Energy Pedia was used in this report.