Mart-Resources-e1322076135983Mart Resources Inc. and its copartners Midwestern Oil and Gas Co. Plc and SunTrust Oil Co. Ltd. announced in a press release initial flow-rate test results for the UMU-11 well, located in the Umusadege field in Nigeria.

The UMU-11 well encountered 90 m (294 ft) of gross oil pay in 13 sands. The well was intentionally drilled to a shallower depth than UMU-9 and UMU-10 and therefore did not encounter the deeper sands from previous wells, according to the release. The sands selected for completion in the UMU-11 well were the IX, XIIb, and XIIIb sands, with combined gross oil pay of 26 m (84 ft). Using dual tubing string technology, two of these zones can be produced separately and simultaneously. The cleanup and extended flow tests have been completed on the XIIb and XIIIb sands, with the IX sand still to be tested.

The testing of the XIIb sand yielded a stabilized rate of 3,650 b/d of 41°API crude oil on a 28/64-in. choke setting and with a flowing tubing head pressure of 500 psig, according to the release. Basic sediment and water was 0.4%. During the test of the XIIIb sand, the well flowed 43°API crude oil at a stabilized rate of 1,520 b/d on a 32/64-in. choke setting and with flowing tubing head pressure of 260 psig and basic sediment and water of 0.4%.

One UMU-11 well test remains, being the individual testing of the IX sand. All sands have been initially tested on a restricted choke setting during cleanup, according to the release. Following the cleanup operations, each sand will undergo multirate flow testing on various choke sizes.


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