Mart-Resources-e1322076135983Mart Resources, Inc. and its co-venturers, Midwestern Oil and Gas Company Plc. (operator of the Umusadege field in Nigeria) and SunTrust Oil Company Ltd. have commenced drilling operations on the UMU-11. Drilling started on August 14 and is currently at a depth of 1,100 ft in the 16-inch upper hole section which will be drilled to a depth of approximately 5,000 ft.

Mart reported that the next activity will include running and cementing 13-3/8 inch casing in the upper hole section. Drilling will then continue with a 12-1/4 inch section to a total measured depth of approximately 8,700 ft, followed by running 9-5/8 inch casing.

The main objectives for the UMU-11 well are to appraise and produce proven oil reservoirs encountered but not completed in the UMU-9 and UMU-10 wells. These sands (XIIb, XIIc, XVIa, and XVIb) were previously logged and sampled. The UMU-11 objective is to test four of these oil-bearing sands, and if successful, complete these sands for production.


Information from Petroleum Africa was used in this report.