Energie du Mali (EDM-SA) has increased its capacity to detect faults in its underground cables in order to restore electricity supply in the capital and in several cities in the country. This is to stem the wave of discontent linked to load shedding that affects consumers.

In Mali, the national electric company, EDM is taking steps to put an end to the series of power cuts that hit its consumers. Indeed, the populations of the capital and several other cities of the country are deprived of energy, sometimes for more than 20 hours a day for some. Disturbances which have given rise to demonstrations organized by dissatisfied customers.

The disruptions in the supply are mainly due to technical failures in the underground electric cables heavily stressed during this peak demand period.

“Following these disturbances, the general management of EDM-SA has taken urgent action with a view to finding a solution to this situation, which is causing many inconveniences for the populations,” said Cheick Amadou Diallo, the director in charge of distribution to Energie du Mali.

Among other measures taken, there is the acquisition of equipment allowing faster detection of technical failures on electricity transmission cables. The company has also activated initiatives aimed at securing the underground distribution network and increasing the capacity of the country’s electricity transmission infrastructure.


Source: Agence Ecofin