Mali is looking for consultants to support it in reducing the State’s energy bill through energy efficiency. The program to be implemented is supported by $ 150 million from IDA and applicants have until July 20 to apply.

In Mali, the government intends to reduce the electricity consumption of its central bodies and its other entities thanks to the Mali Electricity Sector Improvement Project (PASEM). To do this, he issued a request for consultation in order to recruit a company to support him in the preparation of a program to reduce this consumption.

The company selected at the end of this process will be responsible for identifying and analyzing the government’s current energy expenditure. It will also identify applicable energy efficiency measures and prepare a program to manage and reduce government energy expenditure. Finally, it will have to make available energy management tools and strengthen the capacities of the administration in order to improve its culture of energy saving.

Interested companies have until July 20 to express their interest.

The implementation of this energy efficiency program benefits from an envelope of $ 150 million, allocated by the International Development Association (IDA).


Source: Agence Ecofin