In Rwanda, 51% of investments in 2019 were made in the energy sector. This data was communicated by the country’s national development agency.

In fact, $ 2.5 billion was injected into the Rwandan economy, a figure up 22.6% compared to that of 2018. Of these funds, $ 1,279 million was devoted to the sector of energy.

$ 613 million has been released for the construction of the Ruzizi hydroelectric plant. $ 442 million was invested in Gasmeth Energy, a company active in the energy and hydrocarbons sector, particularly in the extraction of methane gas in the country. $ 152 million was also injected into the production of electric cars and $ 72 million went to benefit solar power projects.

Of the $ 2,500 million invested in the country in 2019, 44% was provided by joint ventures operating locally. 37% are the result of foreign direct investments and 19% were allocated by Rwandan entities. This funding has created 35,715 jobs.

The government has set itself the objective for the next few years, the creation of 200,000 new jobs each year and an annual growth of 10% in the investments made.


Source: Agence Ecofin