In response to the unacceptable perennial shortage of power in Idi-Araba, the Management of Lagos University Teaching Hospital in partnership with the College of Medicine Management entered into an Independent Power Project, which came on stream on the 1st December 2017.

This initiative has brought succor to patients, staff and students and an improvement quality of life with the provision 24 hours power supply to the residences, hostels, offices and hospital facilities to the joy and admiration of all.

However, this benefit comes at a cost and to avoid going back to the unpleasant status quo ante, the parents and students of the institution have agreed to managements proposal to pay the sum of N11,000 per session to cover the new cost of electricity in the hostels which they realized would enhance learning and add more value to their lives. The payment however will only be applicable to students that are accommodated on campus.

Source: Independent