Libya’s Waha Oil Company yesterday announced that it has contracted locally to redevelop its Dahra and Bahi oilfields.

It says that this comes as part of its ongoing efforts to rehabilitate a number of oil fields whose surface facilities and infrastructure were destroyed during the fighting and war in the region.

Waha says it has contracted with Libya Engineering Technology Company, a subsidiary of the National Oil Corporation (NOC), to carry out the preliminary engineering study for the rehabilitation of the Dahra and Bahi fields in concession 32, including the strategic project for the redevelopment of production in the Dorra/Al-Jafra reservoir.

Sources say the duration of the contract is up to five months during which a number of initial design options for surface facilities are studied and the technical and economic optimization of its rehabilitation is determined and the preparation of the work program for detailed engineering studies.

The target fields have a potential production of about 100-120,000 barrels per day of crude oil and 200-250 million cubic feet per day of gas, and any expected production in the future development of discoveries achieved in the area of these fields.

The production capacity of existing fields before they were destroyed was 20,000 barrels of oil per day.



Source: Libya Herald