National Oil Corporation (NOC) confirms the drastic deterioration in the security situation at the Sharara oilfield following the arrival of combatant armed groups from Sebha, which entered the field on the evening of Monday June 8, 2020. These groups, under Masoud Al Jadi and Ahmad Ibrahim bin Nayel and comprising members of 116th battalion, 128th battalion and 12th brigade, have shut down production at the Sharara oilfield. Production at the field remains closed.

These armed groups have caused significant damage and their behavior constitutes a direct breach of the security arrangements of the field, as well as the health and safety protocols instituted to protect workers during the coronavirus crisis. There are also reports of sabotage at the field and theft of workers’ food and supplies.

NOC and Akakus Oil Operations, which operates the field, have implemented the emergency plan and gradually evacuated the workers from the field to ensure their safety. NOC warns that the continuing presence of these armed groups presents a significant danger and threatens to cause sustained damage to the infrastructure of the field, jeopardizing investments exceeding $4 billion of public money in the field’s assets and facilities. In addition, the cost of repairing the damage to the field and the revenue losses resulting from their actions will amount to billions of dollars.

NOC confirms that it continues to take all official measures to file complaints to the Public Prosecutor’s Office against all parties responsible for inciting, organizing and perpetrating shutdowns in all regions of Libya. NOC is working closely with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant authorities to take the necessary actions to impose sanctions on those responsible and pursue all legal avenues to bring about criminal prosecutions.

NOC reminds all concerned that any attack against oil facilities, any intimidation of workers, and any attempt to militarize and damage oil infrastructure constitute criminal actions and threaten the interests of all Libyans.


Source: Petroleum Africa