Libya’s state-run firm, NOC, wants to relocate its Collombey refinery into the southern portion of the country. With the events of the past seven or so years, it is often forgotten that the state-run firm held assets outside of the country, but NOC is the owner of the Collombey refinery in Switzerland.

According to a statement on its website, NOC said that moving the refinery was within the framework of its ongoing efforts to address the southern fuel crisis, and the creation of projects to bring new employment opportunities and economic benefits to southern Libya.

Both NOC and Zalaf Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Co, have reviewed studies relating to the relocation of the refinery to southern Libya. The Collombey refinery is owned by Tamoil Switzerland Oil Company. Tamoil is the trading name of Oil invest Group which is owned by NOC and the Libyan government.

Source: Petroleum Africa