cooking-gasAs part of the renewed efforts of the various stakeholders to deepen the consumption of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), otherwise called cooking gas, the Lagos State Government is partnering Banner Energy in this initiative.

Under the new partnership, the Lagos State government in conjunction with Banner Energy has launched another gas plant in Ikorodu area of Lagos State.

Chairman of Banner Energy Limited, Mr. Nuhu Yakubu, who confirmed the development at an LPG forum in Lagos at the weekend, further stated that the  Lagos State government had injected over N300 million into the acquisition of cylinders.
Yakubu said the cylinders were being distributed to communities, development centres and cooperative societies in order to ensure that the people at the grassroots derive benefits from the gas initiative.

He explained that the Lagos state government had substantially subsidised the scheme such that LPG for cooking was available to the common man.

“You could get N100 LPG for use at your home, and the government is also giving out many of the cylinders for free. Gas is now available for everyone. The Eko gas project is ensuring that Lagos residents can buy the LPG at a price they can afford. The era of having to get N3000 before you could fill up your gas cylinder is gone. Everyone now can afford it and use it to cook. There also now smaller sizes of the gas cylinders which are available at affordable prices. Several energy firms such as we, Banner Energy Limited, Oando, among others, are also investing into the project as the government has given us an enabling environment,” he explained.

Yakubu said through trainings that were affordable to school leavers and youths, the government and private partners were ensuring that there were job opportunities for the people at the grassroots in this scheme.

He said the scheme would ensure that millions of people were gainfully employed, adding that Banner Energy had provided this service in other states in South-south, South-east and South-west Nigeria. “We are also planning to get into the northern parts,” he added.

The President of the Nigeria LP Gas Association, Mr. Dayo Adeshina, said many people were cooking with firewood and kerosene without realising that it was harmful to them and the environment because of the pollution from the smoke being emitted from the stove and the fire woods.

“But with gas, it is healthier and since it is now more affordable and available to everyone, I think the best thing is to buy into it. The plant is here now in the heart of Ikorodu so that people residing here and wanting gas wouldn’t have to far away to get it. Bringing the plant here also has a multiplier effect because people who hitherto were dealing with kerosene could now become gas dealers. We are launching 27 of the gas plants in different local governments in Lagos State,” he said.


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