The new Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) before the House of Representatives has expanded the concept of host communities to include some non-oil states, Daily Trust reports.

The Bill, read for the second time on Thursday, provides that any state where there is a refinery, petroleum depot or where a pipeline passes through will draw from the host communities’ funds. According to the NNPC, Nigeria has 5000 kilometres of pipeline network and twenty-one (21) storage depots. Independent marketers account for over 83 depots spread across the country.

The pipeline networks (depending on the product they are conveying) crisscross states in the West mostly Lagos and South Warri, Port Harcourt, East Aba, Owerri down to the North, Kaduna, Kano and Gombe. The House on Thursday passed three different bills on the petroleum industry for second reading including the Senate version already passed by the upper chamber last month.