kainji damMnister of Power, Chinedu Nebo, has said that Kanji Dam is expected to generate 220 mega watts of electricity by December 2014.

Prof. Nebo, during his presentation of the achievements of the power ministry, said that the Kanji Dam which has not been maintained for over a decade is undergoing rehabilitation works on 1G5 and 1G12 units which will enable it supply 220MW of electricity by December 2014.

He also stated that 10 dams with small hydropower potentials are ready for concession.

Other dams refurbished in 2012 include Shiroro Plant, on two units, leading to the recovery of 150MW in 2012; Jeba which provides 96.4MW and; worn parts of Egbin Plant replaced with new ones which improved plant reliability from 60 per cent to more than 70 per cent.

According to Nebo, to enhance the security of power in the country, the present administration is working towards the diversification of fuel to ensure that the resources such as coal, biomass, hydropower, solar energy are fully exploited.

He also stated that the ministry is working towards a Nigeria where no community in the country will exist without light, adding that all parts of the country will benefit from the exploitation of the solar energy although the North will be the greater beneficiary.

Nebo also disclosed that six regional training centres inherited by PHCN have been rehabilitated and two new ones built in Jos and Kano.

Appealing to the media and society as a whole, Mr. Nebo asked that a campaign be launched against vandalisation of power equipments and plants as repair work cost more than one can imagine.

“We are haemorraghing, we are bleeding with regards to vandalisation; (it) is making a mess of the things we do. Just when we think we have arrived a momentum cruising speed of generating more power – in one of our DISCOS, vandals attacked more than 60 times. We are appealing to you to mount a campaign against these vandals,” Mr. Nebo said.


Information from Premium Times was used in this report.