Kainji Hydropower Generating Company (GenCo) now has 440 megawatts (MW) capacity since its privatisation in 2013 and will add 80MW by 2019, the concessionaire, Mainstream Energy Solutions Limited (MESL) for the plant and Jebba GenCo said. Officials of MESL disclosed this yesterday while briefing newsmen at the Kainji plant in Niger state.

Operations Supervisor at Kainji plant, Engr. Oladele Sunday said the investors met zero capacity of both plants at the takeover but initiated a recovery plan that has recovered four Generating Turbines (GT) producing 440MW with General Electric (GE) beginning recovery process for the fifth turbine to add 80MW.

Speaking on the rising water level at the reservoirs sited on the River Niger, the officials of MESL assured of controlled spilling of excess water from the dam to forestall flooding. They said the water spilling occurs when the reservoirs are filled and the plants are asked to ramp down electricity generation because the Distribution Companies (DisCos) can’t take more power to supply to customers.

Source: Daily Trust